Port: Don’t buy into the impending prohibitionist scare campaign against legalizing marijuana


MINOT, N.D. — On the ballot, this November, is a measure that, if approved by voters, would legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota under a regime of exacting regulations.

News this week is that a coalition has formed to formally oppose the measure. Expect to be soon buried under a deluge of sinister, blood-curdling messaging about pot.

Much of it will be a repeat of the scary campfire stories we heard against the legalization of medical marijuana in our state, which voters approved, by a wide margin , in 2016.

We’ll hear about crime and addiction. Headaches from legalization in other states will be cherry-picked and exaggerated. The term “gateway drug” will be thrown around promiscuously.

But here’s what the ” Reefer Madness” crowd won’t tell you: The use of marijuana for recreational purposes is already endemic in our state.

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