Port: Data show the NDGOP has an extremism problem that’s distorting its candidate selection process


MINOT, N.D. — The NDGOP has a big problem with its candidate selection process.

The people participating in it are not remotely representative of North Dakota’s electorate.

The heated U.S. Senate race, in which MAGA-world darling Rick Becker took on long-time Senate incumbent John Hoeven in a three-way race with Democratic-NPL candidate Katrina Christiansen, exposes just how true this is.

I have the data, but let’s set the stage first.

There were times, in the weeks leading up to Election Day earlier this month, that friends and correspondents, people who are generally astute political observers, expressed concern to me that state Rep. Rick Becker might be able to defeat incumbent Sen. John Hoeven.

I never bought it. I had polling data leaked to me by interests outside of Hoeven’s campaign showing the incumbent with strong and consistent leads that, ultimately, aligned with the shellacking Becker received on Election Day.

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