Port: Consider the mayor’s motives in defending crude and racist comments


MINOT, N.D. — Following yet another crude outburst during a city meeting from Fargo Commissioner Dave Piepkorn, this one featured him ranting about drunk Native Americans and telling homeless citizens to “get a job,” his fellow commissioners voted to strip him of his title of deputy mayor .

It was just deserts for Piepkorn, whose erratic behavior in office has been a disgrace to Fargo for some time, though in truth he deserves to be recalled to the ballot.

That may yet happen. I’ve heard rumblings from folks interested in giving it a shot. State law says a city official can be recalled with a number of signatures “equal in number to 25 percent of the voters of the political subdivision who voted in the most recent election in which the official sought to be recalled was on the ballot.”

Eminently doable, and it ought to be done to rid North Dakota’s largest community of the ignominy of being represented by a self-important blowhard like Piepkorn.

Stay tuned on that front.

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