Port: Burgum camp quiet about a possible presidential campaign for now


Minot, N.D. — Late Friday, I reported that Gov. Doug Burgum was in Iowa attending a “meet and greet” event , and that a source there had received a call from a pollster trying to measure support for a candidate with a background that sounds identical to Burgum’s.

When a governor starts giving speeches in Iowa, and polling there, it’s fair to speculate they might be considering a run for the White House. And it seems like Burgum’s trip wasn’t just about a Friday-night event at a bakery in Nevada, Iowa. Per social media posts, he was still in Iowa on Saturday morning, attending at least one additional event in Ankeny, which is on the outskirts Des Moines, and about 30 miles from Nevada.

Per the picture, Burgum had his wife, Kathryn, with him.

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