Port: Auditor Josh Gallion, state lawmaker point fingers over who targeted auditor’s employee


MINOT, N.D. — State Auditor Josh Gallion has accused state lawmakers of being “corrupt” in a letter to the editor sent to North Dakota’s media outlets.

Gallion, a Republican first elected to that position in 2016, has since told me he regrets using such harsh language but has stood much of the criticism he’s launched at lawmakers.

“It wouldn’t be a new legislative session without another attack from our Legislature on the North Dakota State Auditor’s Office,” Gallion wrote in his op-ed. “This is my fourth session as State Auditor and each session has presented attempts by certain legislators to harm this office and our ability to share transparent audit reports with the citizens of North Dakota. These attacks have continued to ramp up and are getting worse as we identify more and more issues across all levels of government.”

But one of the examples he cited as evidence of the Legislature’s alleged vendetta against his office was his idea according to a Bismarck-area lawmaker.

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