Port: As state lawmakers target the LGBTQ community, the health department spends on reaching out to them


MINOT, N.D. — Here’s something interesting for you to contemplate.

Some North Dakota lawmakers have made headlines of late for a raft of bills targeting gay and transgender citizens . These lawmakers claim to be on the crusade of rescuing children from purported pornography in our libraries and drag shows in our communities, but as usual the “save the children” stuff is a thin veneer over other, less savory motivations.

One gets the feeling that some of these lawmakers, many of whom would have us believe that they believe in limited government and individual liberty, are out to use the tremendous power of government to erase the LGBTQ community from our culture.

Yet, as this is happening, our state is also spending money on outreach to that very same community.

Commando LLC is a marketing firm based in West Hollywood, California, which, per their website , specializes in reaching the LGBTQ community. “COMMANDO helps you engage with the LGBTQ⁺ audience on the most relevant social, web, and dating platforms with compelling ads that speak to them,” their website states .

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