Port: A stupid and facile analysis of votes in the North Dakota House of Representatives


MINOT, N.D. — An analysis of votes taken in the North Dakota House of Representatives earlier this year has been making the rounds among the state’s populist conservatives.

Since they’re in charge of the NDGOP now, maybe we should call them the establishment? They’d hate it, but it’s true. They’re in charge of the party, even if they don’t represent the larger North Dakota electorate.

Anyway, their goal is to emulate the Chinese Communist Party and treat elected Republicans not as public servants who must be responsive to their constituencies but as party apparatchiks obliged to absolute loyalty to the party.

The aforementioned voting analysis is a part of that effort.

Distributed by the Center of the American Experiment, the vote review purports to use ” a computer algorithm ” to measure how often House lawmakers of each party vote with one another.

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