Police Ask for Assistance in Locating #NoDAPL Protesters Wanted for Attacking Security Guard


The Morton County Sheriff’s Department is asking the public’s assistance in locating three men allegedly involved in an attack on a security guard during one of the #NoDAPL protests.

Here’s a screenshot of their photos. You can read the full press release here.


You can read the official complaint against these gentlemen below. There is actually quite a bit of photographic and video evidence of what happened to Thompson that day.

The attack occurred back in October while rioting #NoDAPL protesters were blocking Highway 1806. Security guard Kyle Thompson was in the area checking on construction equipment the rioters had set on fire. Initially the protesters claimed that Thompson was attacking them, or was some sort of a plant by the pipeline company.

The video and photographic evidence, however, tells a much different story.

Protesters used their own vehicles to force Thompson’s white truck off the road. Here’s some aerial footage of that incident I obtained from Morton County:

You can see the damage done to the side of Thompson’s truck in a screenshot from this video taken by one of the protesters:


Once his truck was stopped, Thompson exited and was immediately confronted by a mob of protesters including one holding a flare gun. Here’s video of the altercation, which saw Thompson using his rifle to hold the crowd back as he retreats into a nearby body of water:

You can clear see the flare gun in that video:


After Thompson had fled the scene, the protesters apparently moved the truck and then set it on fire as a road block to hold back law enforcement, as you can see in this video:

Here’s the complaint as well as an affidavit laying out the facts supporting it:

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