A Plurality of Arrested #NoDAPL Protesters Are From California


It seems things are settling down with the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. For now, anyway. That may change when President-elect Trump takes office. He’s promised to address the matter quickly once taking office, and has said in the past he supports the pipeline.

But there are still some arrests happening. The National Sheriff’s Association, which has assisted in coordinating the law enforcement response to the protests, has been keeping a running tally of the protester arrests.

Just 36 people, 7 percent, of the 544 arrests through December 12 have been from North Dakota. The other 508 people arrested have been from 46 other states.

Mostly California, as this map put together by the association shows (click for a larger view):

A press release from Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office yesterday, detailing a three-hour meeting about the protests with Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault, announced that there are about 300 protesters left in the camps. That’s down from a peak of about 10,000.

That latter number, if accurate, would mean the protest camp would have been North Dakota’s 10th largest community by population at one point, coming in just behind Jamestown and ahead of Wahpeton.

Pretty remarkable.