Pettiness and Snark Won’t Be a Winning Strategy for North Dakota Democrats


If I were asked to identify a unifying theme for the Democratic political campaigns here in North Dakota I would suggest that the word “anger” be used.

A case in point for that statement, Congressman Kevin Cramer’s office recently announced that the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents had named him Legislator of the Year.

Normally this sort of announcement from politicians is hardly noteworthy. These industry groups are always handing out awards and recognition. Those of us on the receiving end of the blizzard of press releases politicians send out probably see a couple of these announcements a week. More in election years.

What is noteworthy is how grumpy North Dakota Democrats got about the announcement on Twitter, throwing shade not just at Cramer but at the NAPIA specifically:

I spend a lot of time observing political messaging, and the pettiness of that tweet stuck out to me.

Why even write that? Why attack a minor industry group most voters have probably never heard of even if they do typically side with Republicans?

Do North Dakota Democrats really see this sort of thing as a winning strategy?

It can, at times, seem as though the North Dakota Democratic Party is run by petulant, snarky children.