Petitioners for term limits ballot measure falsely claiming it targets Congress


MINOT, N.D. — Is it too much to ask that ballot measure campaigns represent their proposals to the public honestly?

Last year a left-wing group circulated a constitutional amendment that would have done away with our existing primary process. It would have reduced your representation in the state House by half. It would have replaced our current voting method with ranked-choice ballots so that elections would be settled by spreadsheets instead of vote counts. It would have mandated open primaries, violating your constitutional right to associate with a political party.

Yet, their paid petitioners dishonestly represented it to potential signers as nothing more than an expansion of the voting window for deployed military members.

Folks, it’s happening again.

A faction of self-styled True Conservative* poseurs, led by Bastiat Caucus organizer Jared Hendrix, is pushing a constitutional amendment to implement term limits for North Dakota’s Governor and the Legislature.

Ironically, several of the Bastiat Caucus lawmakers on the sponsoring committee for this measure have already served beyond the eight-year limit they seek to oppose, though, and this is a marvelous bit of rank hypocrisy, their previous service wouldn’t count under this amendment.


They’re always finding an angle, am I right?

Anyway, this term limits ballot measure is being pitched to the public with a lie.

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