Perhaps the beginning of the end of the Trump movement


MINOT, N.D. — Political pundits like to read too much into off-year election outcomes.

Starved for meaningful topics in non-campaign years, the political press must take what they can get, even if it means furiously extrapolating national meaning from deeply local races.

Still, the gubernatorial race in Virginia does have a feeling of consequence, and not just because the new lieutenant governor in that state is a gun-toting Marine veteran named Winsome Sears who is now the first Black woman elected to statewide office in that southern state.

Republican Glenn Youngkin won, narrowly but decisively in a state that has been trending blue for more than a decade. One that Joe Biden won by 10 points in 2020. And it’s how he beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe that portends good things for the GOP.

Youngkin didn’t play at being a Donald Trump fanboy.

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