Parental Rights Ballot Measure Will Be 5th On November Ballot


It’s looking like the November ballot will be a crowded one. Before today there were four statewide measures – each a constitutional amendment passed by the Legislature and needing approval of voters – already on the ballot:

  • Measure 1: SCR4009  if passed, would recognize life as existing at every stage of human development
  • Measure 2: HCR3006  would ban mortgage taxes
  • Measure 3: HCR3047 would eliminate the existing part-time State Board of Higher and replace it with a full-time, three-member higher education commission
  • Measure 4: HCR3011 would prohibit any constitutional amendment from directing the Legislature to make appropriations

Now a fifth measure has just been approved for the ballot by the Secretary of State:

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger has approved for the ballot an initiated measure on parental rights.

Jaeger says supporters needed to submit 13,452 valid petition signatures, and they submitted 1,000 more than the required amount. He says the measure will appear on the Nov. 4 general election ballot.

You can read the ballot language for this measure – which will presumably be Measure 5 – right here.

A measure to overturn North Dakota’s pharmacy protectionism was also turned in recently with about 10,000 more signatures than needed, so expect that to be Measure 6 once the Secretary of State approves.

That leaves two more measures still being circulated before the August 6th deadline. One is the conservation amendment – known as the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment – and the other is a measure to require school districts to start after Labor Day.

So, in total, North Dakotans could have as many as 8 ballot measures to consider in November.