Our Adulation of Political Figures Reaches Crisis Level


MINOT, N.D. — During a recent trip to Barnes & Noble bookstore, on the hunt for books in the children’s section, I couldn’t help but notice a surprising number of colorful works about former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The funny thing about children’s books is that, in a way, they’re not really for children. It’s the grownups who buy them, and the subject matter and marketing often reflect that. The half-dozen or so Ginsburg books on sale were aimed at the popular cult worship of the former Justice among left-leaning adults.

Given a choice, I suspect most kids would prefer something other than a preachy liberal epistle about a lawyer.

Still, standing there surrounded by Ginsburg, I couldn’t help but dwell on our veneration of political figures.

That fake gold, made-in-China statue of disgraced former President Donald Trump at the CPAC conference — which, as National Review columnist Kevin Williamson wrote, was “only four bankruptcy proceedings away from being the Trumpiest thing imaginable” — might lead you to believe that this is a modern affectation.

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