On Television: Baesler, Tschosik, And Pro-Life Groups In Fargo Public Schools


Chris Berg asked me to participate in his weekly roundtable discussion on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program this evening alongside Scott Hennen and Ian Godfrey.

You can watch segment one above. You can watch segments two, three, and four here, here, and here respectively.

We talked about my post regarding today’s Fargo Forum editorial defending Governor Jack Dalrymple on his SB2279 comments. I maintain that the editorial contained a serious factual error regarding whether or not North Dakota governors can voice support or opposition on bills before they’re sent to the executive branch for signature or veto. Governors can, and and do, voice support and opposition for bills all the time up to and including Dalrymple.

We also discussed a dispute over the refusal by Fargo Public Schools to treat pro-life groups the same as other student groups. I interviewed the folks who are pursuing the issue from the pro-life side earlier this week (listen here) and I think their cause is just. They’re not asking for special treatment. They just want the same treatment that other student groups – everything from the chess club to a Gay-Straight Alliance chapter – receive from the schools and the school district. They even said they’d support the creation of a pro-abortion student group, because fair is fair.

How can you argue with that? And besides, I don’t think we’re doing students any favors by isolating them from contentious issues like abortion.

Finally, we talked about the Baesler/Tschosik situation. Berg feels there’s something fishy about Tschosik resigning, admitting that he may have his “tin foil hat” on, suggested that Baesler may have been “covering” for Tschosik’s past problems.

I don’t see any evidence for that. Anything is possible, I suppose, but I think this situation is exactly what it seems. A very ugly relationship that became a public issue because one of the people involved is a statewide elected official. Tschosik obviously has personal and professional problems unrelated to Baesler. I don’t see anything suspicious at all in his resignation.

I think the guy just saw the writing on the wall. I hope he gets help for what appear to be significant alcohol issues, and moves on with his life.