Here Are Your Official Write-in Candidates, North Dakota


Every election cycle we get numerous jokes about write-in candidates. This cycle in particular, given the story state of affairs on the national ticket, there are a lot of people talking about writing this or that candidate in.

But most people don’t understand how write-in votes work. Voters can’t simply draft some member of the public by writing his or her name on their ballotsĀ en masse. In most states, North Dakota included, a potential write-in candidate must meet certain qualifications as laid out in 16.1-12-02.2 of the North Dakota Century Code:


If you were thinking a last-minute, up-start, guerilla campaign to get your cat elected governor would work, think again.

But even so, there are some write-in candidates every election cycle. Per a release from the Secretary of State’s office today North Dakota has two write-in candidates for state office, along with several qualifying for the presidential ticket:


Eugene A Dumont
2432 20th Ave S Apt 106
Fargo ND 58103

US House of Representatives:

DuWayne Hendrickson
1001 54th Street SE
Minot ND 58701

President of the United States:

Michael A Maturen
3296 E Clemens Road
Harrisville MI 48740

Cherunda Fox
17145 Gable
Detroit MI 48212

Laurence Kotlikoff
203 St. Botolph Street #3
Boston MA 02115

Marshall Schoenke
21924 Linden Ave
Lake Villa IL 60046

Robert L Buchanan
PO Box 6151
Fredericksburg VA 22403

David Evan McMullin
333 2nd St NE
Washington DC 20002

On election night you’ll see vote totals for write-in candidates, but they won’t be broken down by candidate. In fact, those votes don’t even have to be officially canvassed unless a write-in candidate gets 5 percent of the total votes for the highest vote-getter for that particular race.