It’s Not a Women’s March if It Only Represents Women Who Think a Certain Way


Participants rally Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, in downtown Fargo for a local version of the Women's March on Washington. Dave Wallis / The Forum

In an editorial today the Fargo Forum gets after the organizers of the Women’s March movement for not being inclusive of all women.

Noting that the marches have been (at times obnoxiously) anti-Trump in nature, and promote specific policy stances on issues such as abortion and immigration, the Forum wonders about all the women who have other points of view.

The result is a movement led by liberal, white, middle-class women. And while that’s not inherently right or wrong—everyone has the right to assembly—imagine the power of the Women’s March if it were to steer a bit farther away from politics and a bit closer toward the idea of inclusiveness and empowerment for all women, of all races, religions and political affiliations.

Yes, imagine.

Unfortunately, our liberal friends have built their modern ideology upon a foundation of identity politics. They believe that your gender or your skin color or your sexual orientation should dictate your views on politics.

A New Yorker staff writer has described the women’s march as “somehow controversial.” A tacit acknowledgement that you must agree with the politics of the Women’s March or be against women.

It’s worth remembering that the original Women’s March excluded women espousing conservative points of view. Pro-life women, in particular.

How can a movement claim to represent women when the millions of women who are pro-life in their views, the millions of women who voted for President Donald Trump and other Republicans, are excluded? Or, at a minimum, have their points of view in the marches drowned out liberal dogmas?

Being a woman – or gay or a member of a racial minority – should imply that you think a certain way.

Those who think otherwise are the enemies of diversity and inclusiveness.

Until the Women’s March movement organizes itself in a manner that’s inviting to women who aren’t on the political left we should see it for what it is. Just another mob of angry liberals.