North Dakota University System Suffers Third IT Security Breach This Year


Another day, another example of incompetent administration in the North Dakota University System. At the North Dakota State College of Sciences the private records of some 15,000 students and faculty were exposed to intruders:

“We do not have sufficient evidence, however, to determine without a doubt that the information was not accessed,” the school’s website said.

The malware was discovered Sept. 1, and the school’s website said they delayed reporting for the purposes of investigation and also to “make sure the computers were properly secured prior to making notifications that could attract the attention of other attackers.”

After discovering malware, the school began an internal investigation and contacted law enforcement and a national forensic organization.

NDSCS will be sending letters to all affected students and has arranged to provide 12 months of identity protection to them.

This is the third major data breach this year in the North Dakota University System. Earlier this year the NDUS itself saw a massive breach that was on-going for months before it was detected. Last month, North Dakota State University saw the payroll checks of several employees stolen through a malware scam.

Meanwhile, the North Dakota University System – in what is totally not a use of taxpayer resources for political activities, you guys – is giving an “information system” about why Measure 3 totally sucks and there’s no reason at all why the university system might need a shake-up in governance.

Everything is just hunkey-dorey. Move along. Nothing to see.