North Dakota Job Openings Dropped Nearly 30% in April, but Hiring Continued Despite Pandemic


MINOT, N.D. — According to North Dakota Job Service, the month of April saw a sharp decline in the number of available jobs in the state.

Which, given all that’s happening in the world, probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you.

“North Dakota had a total of 11,053 open and available online job openings in April 2020, a change of -29.5 percent (-4,629) from the prior month and -29.2 percent (-4,557) from the same month one year ago,” the latest online job openings report from Job Service states.

These are not comprehensive numbers. They capture only job openings posted online. Those advertised through other means aren’t reflected in the report. These numbers are merely reflective of trends in North Dakota’s job markets.

One interesting trend is that there are thousands of jobs available, and most of them were recent openings, indicating that some hiring was still happening even as the state’s economy was mostly shutdown.

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