North Dakota Is Not a ‘Loser State’ Mr. Jenkinson


MINOT, N.D. — I’ll admit that I haven’t thought about author and left-wing pundit Clay Jenkinson since the last time I was in a state park gift shop and saw an employee blowing the dust off some of his books.

But he cropped up during a recent CBS segment — an installment in the gee-aren’t-these-dumb-rubes-funny genre of national journalism — pontificating about the squabble over where the actual geographical center of North America is.

Is it in tiny Rugby, which has long laid claim to that title as a tourism initiative?

Or even tinier Robinson, where a trolling bar owner managed to grab Rugby’s trademark of the title after they let it expire?

When Jenkinson was called on by CBS to help interpret what had these hicks in a tizzy, he couldn’t help but unleash a barrage of withering condescension.

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