North Dakota DMV Recalls Vanity License Plate That Went Viral With Hidden Sexual Meaning


A number of SAB readers today forwarded me this viral Reddit posting (the user there apparently grabbed the image from Facebook) featuring one of the new North Dakota license plates with a…less than savory message on it.

I checked with Department of Transportation spokeswoman Jamie Olson, and she confirmed that the plate was valid but that the DOT has since recalled it.

“We have already sent a letter to the individual recalling the plate,” she told me. “We do have a committee in place that reviews personalized (vanity) plates for offensiveness. Unfortunately, this one made it though and was issued. It is highly inappropriate and most certainly violates our policy.”

“We’ve gotten bombarded with this today,” she added.

The form to order a vanity plate is posted online, and it does require that the requester provide the meaning of the plate. Hard to imagine what this guy put in that field.

And if you don’t get the message, here is the plate owner revealing it in a mirror. I’m sure his parents are somewhere beaming with pride.