North Dakota Department of Health Tweets Anti-Trump Messages During Presidential Debate


Looks like someone at the North Dakota Department of Health forgot to look at which Twitter account they were using tonight as America watched the presidential debate.

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton threw rhetorical jabs on our screens, a Department of Health employee was making fun of the Republican candidate’s hair and telling debate moderator Lester Holt to, um, “grow a pair.”

“I’m the PIO and I grabbed the wrong phone,” DOH public information officer Colleen Reinke told me via email when I sent her a request for comment. “This obviously is not the position of the department and I’m mortified. Reporting to my boss now. My sincere apologies. The tweets have been deleted… Not soon enough, obviously.”


UPDATE: Apparently accidentally posting debate hot takes to Twitter on an official health department Twitter account was just the popular thing to do last night: