#NoDAPL Protesters Visit Congressman Cramer’s Office, Friendly Discussion Ensues


Some protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline visited Congressman Kevin Cramer’s office this evening and something kind of cool happened.

A very cordial 30 minute discussion ensued.

There was none of the shouting or vandalism or disruption which has, unfortunately, been a common theme of anti-oil protests. Instead a very nice older gentleman, with a younger sidekick, spent about a half hour shooting the breeze with the Congressman.

They made their points. Cramer made his. They parted on friendly terms.

You can see video of the conversation below, which was provided by the Congressman’s office.

Normally I wouldn’t think this sort of thing would be newsworthy. “Safe plane landings aren’t news,” as the saying goes.

Except, people on opposite sides of political issues engaging on those issues in a way that doesn’t descend into angry denunciations and name calling really is news these days.

It felt refreshing to watch this video. I kept waiting for someone to get angry, and it just didn’t happen.

Maybe there’s some hope for us after all.

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