#NoDAPL Movement’s Supposed Environmentalists Literally Trying to Cause Pipeline Leaks


Protest organizer Kristen Kelsch hold a sign and chants across the street from the State Capitol in Bismarck on Thursday. A line of police prevented Kelsch and others from hold the protest to the Dakota Access Pipeline on the Capitol grounds

You really have to admire the scope of hypocrisy on display in the anti-oil/anti-pipeline movement.

These people call themselves environmentalists, but that was hard to tell from the millions of pounds hauled of the #NoDAPL protest camps. Now that those camps are closed, these political extremists have taken to physical attacks on the pipeline itself.

In a recent court filing Energy Transfer Partners, the company trying to build the Dakota Access Pipeline, had asked that some information about the line be kept a secret. To support this request, they cited attacks on the pipeline route.

Attacks which have been confirmed in South Dakota and Iowa:

Authorities in South Dakota and Iowa confirmed Tuesday that someone apparently used a torch to burn a hole through empty sections of the pipeline at aboveground shut-off valve sites.

Mahaska County Sheriff Russell Van Renterghem said the culprit in Iowa appeared to have gotten under a fence around the facility, but Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Brown said the site in South Dakota wasn’t fenced.

The Iowa incident was discovered March 13 and the South Dakota incident Friday.

Remember that last year a group of extremists, while declaring solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the #NoDAPL movement, shut off pipeline valves in four states (Washington, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota). That was a big deal. Those pipelines have a capacity amounting to about 15 percent of daily U.S. oil consumption.

Why would these extremists be pulling these stunts? Why are they doing things that make pipeline leaks and explosions more possible?

Because they want the pipelines to leak. To prove how dangerous they are, I guess.

All they’re really proving is how dangerous the rabid green movement has become.

Remember, these people aren’t hoping for the safe, responsible development and transport of oil resources. They’re fundamentally anti-oil. They think we should stop producing it, even as they and every other American citizen uses oil daily. Even though ending oil use would, in the absent of viable alternatives, would mean a serious reduction in the quality of life for people across the globe.

This is a movement divorced from reality.