New California Senate President Kevin de Leόn: Reliance is the ‘American Way’


THE NEW AMERICAN WAY?: During his swearing-in ceremony, California’s new Senate President Kevin de Leόn says it’s time we shatter the “great American myth” about pulling oneself up by the bootstraps.

By Katy Grimes | The Flash Report

In some California parallel universe, the new Senate President Kevin de Leόn, announced last week during his flagrant swearing-in ceremony, “Reliance is the ‘American way.’”

“Isn’t it time we shatter the great American myth about pulling oneself up by the bootstraps?” De Leόn asked the crowd. The audience broke into rousing applause. De Leόn continued, “It’s a fantasy. It’s simply not true.”

De Leόn’s “extravagant bash” was held at the Disney Concert Hall where “corporate interests — oil, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and others who lobby Sacramento — paid for the $50,000 bash through the Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation. National Review Online called the bash a “Kim Jong Un–Style Coronation.“

Reliance is the American way? Tell that to the 5,000 Gerawan Farming company farmworkers in Fresno who have been trying for more than two years to oust the United Farm Workers labor union from their workplace.

They don’t want the entitlement union mentality to creep in to their lives, and want to be free of the reliance.

De Leόn, and the entire Democratic Latino Caucus, have ignored the farm workers’ pleas for help. Note: De Leόn is endorsed by the UFW, along with a long list of labor and far-left organizations.

De Leόn, sworn in last week as the 47th president pro tempore of the California State Senate at a Los Angeles soiree with 2,000 guests, is sadly mistaken. But how would he know? De Leόn’s “only work in a productive capacity was as an instructor at One-Stop Immigration and Education Center in Santa Barbara,” NRO reported.

“Following that he became an official at the National Education Association in Washington, D.C., before returning to California to organize for the California Teachers Association. He has never worked in any for-profit job.”

De Leόn was a community organizer before running for public office. Outside of Democratic Party politics, no one really knows what “community organizing” is, other than a type of prep school for Democratic public office.

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