“We Need Mouth Breathers From Wisconsin”


I don’t typically watch Saturday Night Live, this but this skit skewering Democrats and their on-going disconnect from political reality was spot on this weekend:

The bit about Mark Cuban at the end was the best part, I think.

Like all good political humor, this skit is rooted in the truth. Republicans seem to be coming unglued in the age of Donald Trump, sure. But what are Democrats offering as an alternative? The same old platform of policies catering to the urban/coastal liberal bastions, delivered by a familiar cast of aging progressive leaders?

Part of the reason why Democrats can’t win in places like North Dakota is because even Democrats who actually live here in North Dakota tend to make you feel like they don’t really like the place. They proselytize to red state rubes from within a dense cloud of smug, and then wonder why their candidates never get any traction.

The whole situation – dysfunctional Republicans and tone deaf Democrats – is an argument for downsizing federal government and pushing most policy making back to the states. Maybe neither party can espouse a coherent national political platform because that sort of thing is impossible in a nation as large, diverse, and hyper-connected as ours is.