NDSU Survey Reveals the Level of Political Indoctrination Happening on College Campuses


MINOT, N.D. — North Dakota State University’s Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth conducts an annual survey of college students which, among other things, “assesses student perceptions about viewpoint diversity and campus freedom.”

If you care about things like viewpoint diversity and campus freedom, the most recent survey’s findings are pretty grim.

The survey is not just NDSU students. It was conducted in April of this year and included a representative sample of 1,000 undergraduates pulled from a poll of 400,000 verified students representing over 100,000 institutions in all 50 states.

You can read the full survey report below.

Among the findings is 76% of liberal/liberal-leaning students saying fellow students who say offensive things should be reported. Just 31% of conservative/conservative-leaning students agreed, as did 57% of independent/apolitical students.

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