NDSU Speech by Breitbart Personality Canceled Due to #NoDAPL Protests


Protest organizer Kristen Kelsch hold a sign and chants across the street from the State Capitol in Bismarck on Thursday. A line of police prevented Kelsch and others from hold the protest to the Dakota Access Pipeline on the Capitol grounds

Milo Yiannopoulos, a Trump-supporting provocateur who works for Breitbart, was set to speak at North Dakota State University but apparently the event has been canceled due to security concerns with #NoDAPL protesters.

Specifically, NDSU raised the security fee:

The event which was scheduled for Friday, December 16th, was suddenly hit with a large security fee increase however unlike many other universities that used security fees as an attempt to censor MILO, the threat by Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters to disrupt the event posed a viable risk to those in attendance.

“Unfortunately the state of North Dakota has a issue with our pipeline” said Jamal Omar, a North Dakota University student and Vice Chair of the College Republicans who invited MILO to speak. “Many of the protesters (some of which have shot at officers) wanted to protest here and unfortunately we couldn’t manage to keep people safe.”

According to Omar, NDSU isn’t to blame for this. “The university was very helpful and affordable charging only 1500 dollars for the 2 rooms, 5 officers, IT support, parking, and all other required amenities. We appreciate the support our university that had helped defend us all the way in our pursuit of free speech, but we do not want the lives of any individual to be put on the line because of those who wish to cause harm,” he told Breitbart.