ND Senate Reconsiders, Passes Bill For Earlier Sunday Booze Sales


Yesterday the state Senate defeated HB1434, introduced by Rep. Marie Strinden (D-Grand Forks), which is the the so-called “brunch bill” allowing for earlier booze sales on Sunday. One hour earlier, specifically. Under current law sales cannot begin until noon. This bill allows them starting at 11:00am.

The bill got a one-vote majority in the Senate yesterday, but it needed 24 yes votes to pass. Today the bill was reconsidered (lawmakers can do that if they were absent or voted previously on the prevailing side) with an amendment to make it clear that the legislation only applies to on-sale alcohol.

Apparently there was some concern over the the bill allowing off-sale. Because that makes a difference, I guess. We should just get rid of dumb blue laws like this one. It’s not stopping problem drinkers. It only inconveniences responsible drinkers.

Anyway, as amended the legislation passed by a much wider 27-18 margin. I would expect the House, which already passed the bill, to agree to the amendment and send this bill on to the Governor.