ND Has Done Michelle Kommer an Injustice and I’m Not Sure It Can Be Entirely Fixed


MINOT, N.D. — Up until just recently, Michelle Kommer was a member of Gov. Doug Burgum’s cabinet.

She was the head of the Commerce Department, specifically, a job she has told me she wasn’t sure she wanted in the first place. She’s had success in the private sector and was a little intimidated at the idea of going to work in government.

But she felt a calling to serve her state and agreed to take the job.

The way she was treated while in office was an injustice, and the hits have kept coming right up through this week.

State Auditor Josh Gallion, who has created no small amount of turbulence during his tenure in that position, released an audit of the Commerce Department.

One of his findings had to do with the process of developing a new state logo. Gallion’s office alleged criminal activity and referred it to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office for investigation. Stenehjem outsourced the investigation to South Dakota law enforcement to avoid conflicts of interest.

The review found no criminal activity.

The problems with this process are manifest.

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