MTV Is Trying to Get Trump Elected for Another Four Years


You’ve probably seen this by now, but if you haven’t, the folks at MTV put out a minute-long video (it feels longer) with some New Years Resolutions for white guys.

Because racial stereotypes are bad unless they’re the right kind of racial stereotypes.

This, I suppose, is a variation on the “Trump won because of angry white guys” theme that former President Bill Clinton has been selling lately. Just one of the many excuses the left is making for Hillary Clinton’s loss which allow them to avoid admitting a) Clinton was a terrible candidate and b) their myopic embrace of identity politics has alienated a vast swath of America.

A swath that is not, by any stretch of the imagination, all white dudes.

Keep in mind that Clinton’s candidacy was supposed to appeal to women, but Trump still got 42 percent of the female vote (about the same as Romney). And despite Trump’s alleged racism, the Republican did about the same among minority voters as Romney did while Clinton did worse than Obama among those demographics.

If Trump is such a threat to minority communities, why didn’t those communities get out the vote for Clinton?

Anyway, the Trump folks have to be loving this. Every post-election tantrum about the FBI or the Russians or hacking makes it just a little bit more likely that Trump will win re-election in 2020.

Trump has thrived on this stuff. The word of the year for 2016 according to the folks at Merriam-Websiter is “surreal” and a big reason for that is Trump’s unlikely rise to the White House.

How did they get there? It’s not just Clinton, though she was an awful candidate. I’m not so sure that Trump wouldn’t have won the popular vote too had Bernie Sanders been the Democratic nominee.

Trump chugged into office on rails lubricated with the left’s hatred for people who see the world differently than they do.

And Trump is just the most recent manifestation of a longer trend. Democrats have been losing ground at both the state and national level for nearly the entirety of President Obama’s two terms:

In the world of politics you win by adding people to your coalition, not driving them away.

But you will absolutely drive people away if you promote the belief that anyone deviating from progressive orthodoxy is doing so because they’re stupid or evil or hateful or a bigot.

On a related note, according to this polling, Democrats/liberals are far more likely to unfriend people on social media over political disagreements: “Nearly one-quarter (24%) of Democrats say they blocked, unfriended, or stopped following someone on social media after the election because of their political posts on social media. Fewer than one in ten Republicans (9%) and independents (9%) report eliminating people from their social media circle.”