Morton County Determines That Detained Pipeline Security Guard Was the Victim of #NoDAPL Violence


Over the weekend I wrote a post about Kyle Thompson, a man seen in video at the #NoDAPL riot last week being chased by protesters while carrying a rifle.

The video was presented in social media as though Mr. Thompson were an agitator sent in by the pipeline company to attack protesters or cast them in a bad light, but Thompson disputed that narrative. In a Facebook message I shared here on SAB he said he had been sent out to take pictures of construction equipment protesters had sent on fire, but while attempting to leave the area his truck was driven off the road and he was accosted by protesters who ultimately set his truck on fire.

Today in a press release Morton County has announced that, though Thompson was initially detained, “it has been determined that [he] is the victim in the case.”

From the release:

The individual victim was checking on construction equipment parked near the contractor entrance, east of 1806. A group was gathered outside of the gate at the contractor entrance. The victim was instructed to get pictures of construction equipment. In order to do so, the victim disguised himself so he would be able to gain access without being singled out as a construction worker.

The victim says he heard people in the group tell him to “get the ____ out of here.” He was told to leave and then told to stop. While leaving the area and driving south on Highway 1806, the individual was deliberately hit by a vehicle. The victim’s vehicle was forced through a fence and got stuck. The victim saw five individuals coming at his truck and could see large knives in their possession. The man grabbed a rifle to defend himself, he retreated toward the Cannonball River and was pursued. During this time, the victim’s vehicle was also set on fire.

An individual in the crowd had a flare gun (orange in color). Investigators witnessed in the video someone in the group shot a flare in the victim’s direction. The victim had a gun however no shots were identified as being fired from his weapon.

Here’s some of the video of the incident:

You can definitely see the flare gun both Thompson and the Morton County release refer to:

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Another video of the incident posted on Facebook shows, in passing, the damage to the side of Thompson’s truck:


I’m glad the truth has emerged in this incident.

Again, that video of Thompson was initially condemned by many a though it were evidence of the pipeline company using their personnel to meddle in the protests. In truth, as Morton County has concluded, it appears as though Thompson was the victim.

Because I don’t know what other conclusion you can reach about a guy who was driven off the road and then chased into the river by an angry mob who then set his truck on fire.

Here’s the full release:

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