More irresponsible and hypocritical rhetoric on abortion


MINOT, N.D. — Over the weekend, pro-choice activists held rallies in a few North Dakota cities, including Fargo.

At the Fargo rally , which featured a couple of Democratic lawmakers, speakers condemned the supposed “extremism” of the Supreme Court’s legal opinion that no word or clause was ever added to the United States Constitution with the intent to create a right to an abortion.

The court found, correctly, that the U.S. Constitution is neutral on the question of abortion, which leaves the matter to the nation’s legislatures and ballot boxes.

That’s not extremism, but let’s be honest, the angry pro-choice rallies and the opportunistic politicians showing up at them care less for reality than they do about inspiring focused hate for the other side of the aisle.

Representatives Ruth Buffalo and Karla Rose Hanson, both Democrats from Fargo, attended the Fargo rally and attacked both the court’s ruling and the North Dakota law it triggered which will, barring some new development, take effect later this month.

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