Minot Lawmaker Criticizes Courts for Halting Evictions, Urges Burgum Not to Issue an Order

MINOT, N.D. — A state lawmaker from the Minot area is urging Gov. Doug Burgum “not to yield” to political pressure brought by a coalition of non-profit groups and left-wing political interests to issue an executive order halting evictions in the state.

In a letter to Burgum sent late last week, Rep. Dan Ruby, a Republican representing District 38, is also critical of the state Supreme Court for their order halting eviction proceedings.

“I am asking that you not yield to the political pressure that some are using during this tragic time in our state,” Ruby wrote in the letter which he also provided to me. “I question the motives of some who are calling for this action in the light of all the assistance that is being provided now and considered for the future.”

You can read the full letter below.

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