Marcus Luttrell: "There's Nothing Glorious About War"


Marcus Luttrell speaks to Megyn Kelly on Fox News

By most accounts, Lone Survivor is a pretty good movie. I’ve got it on my list to see, but some on the left side of the political spectrum don’t think it’s very good.

They’re using words like “jingoistic,” and describing it as so much racist war propaganda.

Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell – the man whose book and experiences the movie is based – doesn’t really care about the criticism, though.

“I don’t really have any thoughts on it at all, to tell you the truth,” he said on Fox News today. “Someone told me something about ‘pro-war,’ and I sat and thought about it for awhile, and I didn’t even know if that’s — is that a real term? Because, there’s nothing glorious about war. There’s nothing glorious about holding your friends in your arms and watching them die.”