Many of the ‘conservatives’ screaming the loudest about principles have none of their own


MINOT, N.D. — The Trump wing of the Republican movement — I’m making a choice not to call it the conservative movement as these people have abandoned that platform of ideas in favor of loyalty to a reality television star — is built on a platform of gaslighting.

With Donald Trump himself as a model, they say and support things that are untrue, that are demonstrably hypocritical, and if you object they repeat themselves, only louder, demanding that you accept what you know to be true isn’t true at all.

Those of us who refuse to go along with this nonsense are labeled RINOs, etc., etc.

The lies about the outcome of the 2020 election are a good example of this. No reasonable person, having reviewed the facts, can conclude that there was a coordinated campaign of fraud that cost Trump the election. But Trump and his supporters insist that’s what happened, facts be damned.

More locally, we have the example of Gary Emineth.

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