Left Wing Protesters Disrupt Legislative Meeting Over Legacy Fund, Tell Majority Leader to F**K Himself


Lawmakers are in Fargo again today holding public hearings soliciting ideas for the $6.8-billion-and-counting in the state’s Legacy Fund.

I wrote about yesterday’s iteration of this hearing earlier today, but sources on the scene tell me today’s continuation of the hearing has been disrupted by left-wing protesters.

Here’s a brief (and not very high quality, I’m afraid) video one hearing attendee sent me of some of the disruptions:

[fcc_jw_player key=”Uio4XPvu” /]

Representatives from the American Legislative Exchange Council and Americans for Prosperity, to right-leaning organizations that frequently draw the ire of left-wing activists, were slated to address the committee.

Here’s how one person on the scene described what happened to me:

One guy who started it threw a baseball hat full of money at the Alec speaker, then a lady brought up a carpetbag full of money and put it on the podium. Then one of them shouted for [House Majority Leader Chet Pollert (R-Carrington)] to go f*ck himself. Then they started shouting out legislators’ names on the committee who are Alec members. Security had to be called and we stopped the meeting until they came because they wouldn’t stop shouting. Lots and lots of cursing.

It’s not clear at this point who organization, if any, was responsible for the disruption. Per their Facebook page, members of the Red River Valley Democratic Socialists are at the meeting today and urging supporters to attend, though that certainly doesn’t mean they were involved in the disruptions.

UPDATE: Per their Twitter posts, it sure seems like the DSA was involved: