Kirsten Baesler Fiancee Was "Belligerent" During 2011 Drunk Driving Arrest


Yesterday we had breaking news about Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler getting arrested for charges related to domestic violence. Baesler is currently out on bail, but now details are emerging regarding a very troubled relationship between her and the man she allegedly assaulted.

It’s something Baesler referred to in the statement she released yesterday.

As I noted in a post yesterday, Todd Tschosik was arrested in Florida in July of 2014 for a domestic violence incident involving Baesler (police report here). According to the Associated Press, Baesler refused to cooperate with investigators and the charges against Tschosik were ultimately dropped.

Baesler isn’t commenting on that issue currently. Mt.Tschosik’s mug shot from that incident is above alongside her mugshot from the incident yesterday.

In 2011 Baesler was also involved in Tschosik’s arrest for DUI. He was pulled over and found to have a 0.15 blood alcohol level. Baesler was the passenger in the car and was apparently sober enough to be allowed to drive Tschosik’s car from the scene.

You can read the full report below, but according to the narrative from the arresting officer, Tschosik got “belligerent” at one point in the proceedings.


Tschosik was also begging to be let go at one point, and was misleading about how much he’d been drinking.


Mr. Tschosik was ultimately convicted of reckless driving for this incident. In 1992 he was arrested for DUI, but the charges were dismissed.

Here’s a question I think Baesler is going to have to answer: Her private life is one thing, but what professional responsibility did she have to address Tschosik’s behavior? He is an employee of the Bismarck Public School District – he works at Simle Middle School. Baesler was clearly in a position to be aware not just of alcohol issues but of issues related to violence as well. What did she do to ensure that he wasn’t bringing this behavior into the schools?

Granted, it’s a touchy situation what with the personal relationship between these two, but Baesler could have recused herself and handed the issue off to another supervisor.

On an unrelated note, while doing my due diligence in records searches for Baesler and Tschosik, I should note that Baesler has a 1997 conviction for theft. It was an incident she pled guilty to. I add it here only because a) Baesler is a prominent elected official and b) I don’t think that’s ever been reported before. I certainly wasn’t aware of it until today.

Update: More info on that theft charge from the Fargo Forum:

Regarding the theft charge, Wetzel said Baesler was grocery shopping with her 9-year-old son and 4-year-old twin sons, had a cart full of groceries, and placed a bag of macadamia nuts in her purse and forgot to pay for them.