Kevin Cramer Answers Questions From SAB Readers: "I'm Not Bill Clinton"


If you didn’t get a chance to participate in last night’s open thread town hall with Rep. Kevin Cramer here on SAB, take the time to scroll through the questions and answers.

Unfortunately, Rep. Cramer didn’t get to all the questions. He gave us more than an hour (not counting a 30 minute break when he had to go to the House to vote), and was characteristically candid in his answers to questions.

I was also impressed with the questions. Holding a open thread with a member of Congress in an open internet forum is potentially a recipe for headaches, and I was ready to moderate the comments heavily if things got out of hand, but as it turned out I didn’t have to moderate anything. The questions, while at times tough and pointed, were entirely appropriate.

Here were some of my favorite exchanges.

On what kind of madness inspired Rep. Cramer to do a town hall on a political blog:



On Cramer’s decision to skip the NDGOP convention last year, but attend this year:



On why he didn’t donate his shutdown salary:



On attacks from Democrats saying that he’s a career politician:



On the Obama administration evading oversight from Congress:



And, my favorite, on sleeping in his office:



Some were upset that Rep. Cramer didn’t get to all the questions. I wish he could have, but he promised an hour and gave us more than that. I’m happy we got as much time with the Congressman as we got.

So what did you SAB readers think? Was this worth it? Should we do more open threads like this in the future? If so, who should I ask?