Just 9 Percent of 395 People Arrested in #NoDAPL Protests Are From North Dakota


Per the National Sheriff’s Association, through last Thursday there have been 395 people arrested for their direct participation in unlawful #NoDAPL protests, and 415 arrests overall (some people have been arrested more than once).

Those numbers include those arrested during the riot last week, though not the arrests at the stand off with cops along the banks of the Cantapeta Creek yesterday. I think there was just one or two there.

Just 9 percent of the people arrested are from North Dakota. Just 24 percent are from North and South Dakota combined. The rest are from 42 other states, as this map put together by the NSA (the aforementioned one, not the agency spying on your emails) illustrates.

Click for a larger view:


Per the NSA, 129 of the arrested protesters have a total of 726 previous citations and charges for illegal activity. Nineteen protesters have a history of violence including domestic violence and child abuse, twenty-one arrested protesters have a history of theft, robbery or burglary, eighteen protesters have a history of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and twenty-four protesters have been previously cited or arrested for drug possession.

In an interview yesterday (audio here), Governor Jack Dalrymple told me that there had been a “significant development” recent discussions about an agreement among camp organizers and tribal leaders to expel the more radical elements of the protests. In particular the Red Warrior Camp, a faction of #NoDAPL which has become notorious as perpetrators of violence, trespass, and property damage.

But Dalrymple added that there has been “no indication” of such an expulsion yet, and given yesterday’s events it’s clear there are still plenty of extremists operating down in south central North Dakota.