It’s like a race between Biden and Trump world to see who can be the most callously stupid


MINOT, N.D. — I, like many of you, have been horrified by events in Afghanistan.

The precipitous withdrawal of our military forces from that country was a mistake. Whatever your opinion of the original decision to invade, whatever criticisms of our subsequent occupation may be apt, the fact is we were there. We made hundreds of thousands of Afghanis our partners in our mission there.

Now we’re abandoning them and leaving a power vacuum in Afghanistan that is being filled not just by the Taliban but China as well. Chinese state media is even using Afghanistan as a warning for Taiwan.

This is how well America stands by its allies, the communists are saying, and it’s a point that’s hard to dismiss as we watch terrified Afghanis fall from the sky after attempting to cling to departing American jets.

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