It’s Easy to Support Violence When It’s Not Happening to You


MINOT, N.D. — “Only riots, burning result in action,” reads the headline over a column by former North Dakota Lt. Gov. Lloyd Omdahl.

That’s a remarkable statement, albeit a fashionable one at this moment.

Despite America’s lengthy history of peaceful reform and progress, violent extremism has become quite chic, of late, for our friends on the left.

Though I wonder how committed people like Omdahl are to this concept?

The protests sparked by the death of George Floyd have turned some communities into battlezones, and it’s not just white people who are paying the price. Many of the people hurt, either physically or economically, are minorities themselves.

I suspect, given the geography of where the most violence has occurred, that minorities are probably suffering from it disproportionately compared to affluent whites.

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