Insurance companies can’t raise your rates based on your vaccination status … thanks Obamacare


MINOT, N.D. — This morning, a reader emailed me to ask “whether because of COVID” are health insurance premiums “due for a substantial increase.”

He also asked “whether there will be an opportunity” for business owners to “reduce your premium by mandating vaccines.”

Those are good questions, and I took them to North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread, a Republican who has held that office since his 2016 election.

The answer to the first question is no, though with some caveats.

“Premiums did go up this year. COVID factors were included in some of the carrier’s filings which did have an impact on the rates,” Godfread told me. “Another impact to the rates may have been that last year, we held our insurance companies even, so no real rate increases.”

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