In Latest Gaffe, Democratic-NPL Fails to Certify Write-in Candidate for Insurance Commissioner


MINOT, N.D. — For the most part, candidates representing the Democratic-NPL don’t do very well in North Dakota because the Democratic party brand is toxic in our state for many excellent reasons.

But you really can’t ignore how incompetent the party is when it comes to the basics of running campaigns.

The Democratic-NPL’s adventures in the insurance commissioner race continue. Earlier this year, the party endorsed, then nominated, Travisia Martin to challenge incumbent Republican Jon Godfread. Only Martin wasn’t eligible for the office. She voted in Nevada in 2016, something that, when done legally, requires you to be a resident of that state, and North Dakota’s constitution requires five years of residency in the state before you can be elected to statewide office.

Anyone with the reading comprehension of a middle schooler and a third-grader’s math skills understood that Martin was disqualified. Still, the Democrats, instead of admitting the error and moving on, insisted on litigating the issue to the state Supreme Court anyway.

They lost.

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