If You’re Going to Pull Kids Out of Classrooms, Pull Them Out of Sports Too


MINOT, N.D. — Last month, as kids across our region began a new school year amid an ongoing pandemic, I marveled at some of the poor priorities on display.

At that time, in some school districts, kids wouldn’t be in classrooms every day but would be attending things like football practice five days a week.

How is that OK?

Even as we’ve weathered a spike in the spread of COVID-19 contemporaneous to schools re-opening, those foul priorities haven’t changed.

Case in point, starting on Oct. 5, Fargo Public Schools will commence distance learning. Some parents aren’t happy about it — they staged a small demonstration over it this week — and who can blame them? The best academic setting for most kids is in a classroom. What’s more, if younger kids aren’t in school, that puts pressure on parents to find child care for them.

But what’s truly outrageous is that, even though Fargo’s kids won’t be in classrooms for a while, sports activities will continue unabated.

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