I Guess Gerrymandering Isn’t Gerrymandering When Democrats Do It?


MINOT, N.D. — Based on about three decades worth of election results, North Dakota voters don’t like much of what the Democratic-NPL has to offer in terms of candidates or policy ideas.

This is a difficult reality to face. So, much like Donald Trump and his lies about the 2020 election results, our liberal friends have invented an alternate version of reality that allows them to avoid it.

Part of that contrivance is the idea that the NDGOP has found generational levels of electoral success through gerrymandering or drawing political boundaries for partisan advantage.

This is unsubstantiated nonsense, but as an exercise in reality avoidance, I guess it works.

Given this obsession with the gerrymandering lie, it is with a deep sense of irony that I present to you a plan, concocted by former North Dakota Democratic-NPL executive director Jim Fuglie and circulated in the state’s left-leaning political circles, which would preempt Republican gerrymandering with … Democratic gerrymandering?

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