I don’t blame hospitals for reticence to release vaccination numbers


MINOT, N.D. — Some hospitals in our region are doing well in terms of getting their staff vaccinated.

“At Fargo’s Sanford hospitals, 95% of staff were fully vaccinated and an unknown number of employees had successfully claimed a medical or religious exemption to the shot as of Wednesday, Oct. 20,” Jeremy Turley reports.

“Erin Johnson, a spokeswoman for Sanford Bismarck, said more than 90% of employees at the capital city hospital are fully vaccinated, thoughshe didn’t know the exact inoculation rate,” he continues.

But not all of the major medical centers in our region are as forthcoming about their vaccination rates. “Major providers like EssentiaCHI and Minot’s Trinity Health declined to provide specifics on their vaccination levels,” Turley reports.

Because vaccines have become a part of our culture war, dividing our society into two extremes, one buying into the universe of COVID-19 and anti-vax quackery available on social media and beyond and the other taking a sanctimoniously militant stance against even the merely vaccine-hesitant, there will be an impulse to take an unnuanced view of this news.

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