Hip Hop Trio Salt-N-Pepa Gets Booed After Telling Bismarck Audience They Stand With Standing Rock


If you needed an anecdote illustrating just how thoroughly the #NoDAPL riots have injured the relationship between the Standing Rock community and their neighbors, consider this tweet from a Bismarck Tribune reporter who attended the Salt-N-Pepa concert in Bismarck tonight.

Apparently the hip hop trio declared their solidarity with Standing Rock, but the crowd wasn’t into it:

There are two factors at play here.

First, I think the people of North Dakota – and particularly the people living in south central North Dakota who have been terrorized by the violent, thuggish behavior of the #NoDAPL protesters – feel a deep animosity toward the protest movement.

Second, I also think Americans are generally tired of deep-as-a-puddle celebrities forcing their shallow politics on them. The #NoDAPL movement has a lot of celebrity endorsements. While that has been great for social media messaging and fundraising, I am sure, I doubt it has done much to help persuade people that their cause is just.

If anybody has any video of the booing, send it to me at rob@sayanythingblog.com.