Hillary "Hard Choices" Clinton Refuses To Take Position On Keystone Pipeline


The epicenter of the Obama administration’s on-going obstruction of the Keystone XL pipeline project lays in the State Department. The head of the State Department, until not that long ago, was Hillary Clinton. So it was fitting that, during the tour promoting her new book Hard Choices that Clinton was asked about her position on the Keystone pipeline.

What’s ironic (given the title of her book) is that Clinton, who most believe aspires to be President herself one day, can’t bring herself to make a hard choice on this issue.

This exchange is from an interview between Clinton and The Globe and Mail:

Most people believe that Washington’s partisan politics – not environmental concerns – have held up the decision on the Keystone pipeline. What do you say to Canadians who feel that our special relationship is being taken for granted?

Our relationship is so much bigger and more important than any one decision – even one as important as this is. Canada is critical to who we are and what we hope to do together in the future. We have no better relationship. [But] this particular decision is a very difficult one because there are so many factors at play. I can’t really comment at great length because I had responsibility for it and it’s been passed on and it wouldn’t be appropriate, but I hope that Canadians appreciate that the United States government – the Obama administration – is trying to get it right. And getting it right doesn’t mean you will agree or disagree with the decision, but that it will be one based on the best available evidence and all of the complex local, state, federal, interlocking laws and concerns.

So do you personally believe that the U.S. should go ahead with the pipeline?

I can’t respond.

Can’t respond?

Hard choices, indeed.