Hey Politicians, You Can’t Get Got if You’re Transparent


MINOT, N.D. — North Dakota’s legislative session may be over, but the work of the Legislature goes on.

Last week members of Legislative Management, a powerful committee that guides much of the business of the Legislature during the interim, went about selecting policy topics to study before the next session. Many bills are passed to study issues during any given session, but not all of them actually get studied.

This time around they chose 50 studies and rejected about 20.

Perhaps the most interesting? “Among the studies will be an examination of the amount, cost and occupancy of office space leased by the state since the beginning of 2018,” Jeremy Turley reports.

This is a timely study. An 85,000 square foot office building, which North Dakota’s taxpayers leased for about $3 million, is sitting largely empty because most of the people in the state’s Information Technology Department have been working from home.

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